The Finest Diving Experience

A Uique Adventure

Beautiful things don’t ask for attention, therefore the path of discovery starts from adventure. Here at Buwan, with all the nature have to offer, we uphold and seek for an ultimate balance of our resort and the nature. Achieving oneness with the nature, to get and to give back, to see and to feel is our ultimate promise to all of customer.

Aspired to be the best Dive Resort in Semporna, we are obsessed with how we can craft a grand sanctuary of adventure and meaningful stay. Same for all beautiful things there is, it gets better only when craftmanship are applied to it, layer by layer.

Dive Package

And where you re ready for some adventure, our on-site dive center is the perfect place to start. You can explore the beautiful underwater world at your own pace.
Equipped by quality equipments, and professional guides and instructors, The Buwan brings you favourite customised diving experience.

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